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Saturday, July 18, 2009


saje je bg capub sket nme klas sy ni..
esk ad Gempak ACE pebende ntah..
ACE stands 4 Accounting Community Empire(agknye la kot)..
da largest empire in da world..hehe-jgn mare ye..
like wat hakim said to me yesterday,
his bro yg jd boss..
da agk da..
muke sme je..
da tu,utk grup yg +senior tu..
sy pat grup 1,mantol btol la..
pnt je cri nme kt grup 3 n above..
rupenye awl2 lg nme tu da tpacak kt grup 1..
ok la(i always use dis word whenever nk go off,pe r,tukr la ayt laen,x kreatip btol..)..
GTG..c ya!!
Awaluddin Ma'rifatullah.