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Saturday, August 1, 2009

MiD-SeM holidays..

Assalamualakum wbt

erm,da lme x update sb ad technical prob

skunk uitm cuti..

kurang besh sb bru sebln msk u da cuti

bru je nk study(hehehe)

kt umah ssh r nk study

b4 blek ad modul

2 ari r modul tu

mls r ckp psl modul

me,liya n fatin(org slalu pggl sy as fatin n fatin as farah-muke sme ke??)

sy n fatin ad 1 hobi yg besh kt sne,which is ske knekn Liya..hehe

ekceli sy nk upload gmbr mse Gempak ACE

tp xley plak

bcoz of hp tlampau canggih(erk??)

smp x phm function hp sendri..ampeh kn??

so dlm byk2 gmbr 2,yg sy upload tu je yg mmp kuar


ok,juz drop by to update my blog yg ntah pape ni

c ya,wassalam..

Awaluddin Ma'rifatullah.

yana n me..ouh,kt sne ad org pggl sy as Aisyah..


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